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A basic listing in our directory with just the name of your business and a link to your website is free – if your Helensburgh and Lomond business is missing please contact us.

Promotional Opportunities

Destination Helensburgh offers multiple opportunities for you to promote your business:

  • Membership (starts at £60+VAT per year)
  • Displaying leaflets/adverts in the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) (£60+VAT per year)
  • Advertising on our ‘Gateway to ArgyllVisitor Map (£195+VAT printed, 25K copies distributed nationally)

If you would like to take part in all three areas of our marketing/promotion offerings we are able to offer a package discount rate of 10%.

Local community not for profit groups / organisations / charities can access a free basic Organisational Membership, which consists of a web page listing and posting of events in our VIC. If you wish to receive the full range of Business Membership benefits, please register for Business Membership Band A at the rate of £60 + VAT.

Read on for the full details, or click here to complete the online application form for Membership, VIC Leaflets/Adverts and Advertising.

Businesses – Join Destination Helensburgh for a range of Membership Benefits.

We are now inviting local Businesses to support Destination Helensburgh by taking out a Paid Membership which starts at the rate of £60 + VAT per year. Membership runs for 12 months from the 15th of the month of payment. So, for example, if we receive payment on any date during June 2022, Membership renewal will be due on 15 June 2023.

By becoming a member of Destination Helensburgh, you will increase your business exposure/reach, support tourism and marketing activity at a local level, and engage with the movement to make the area a destination in its own right. The benefits of being a member are listed below.

Marketing/promoting your business by driving visitor traffic to you through:

  • Involvement in seasonal/themed marketing campaigns
  • Providing greater social media exposure
  • Highlighting your special offers/events via our website, VIC and social media
  • Giving you the opportunity to contribute to relevant blogs
  • Having a full webpage featured listing exposure on our website
  • Having a Visitor Information Centre presence in Helensburgh that will generate referrals
  • Basic listing on our Gateway to Argyll interactive visitor map website

Creating opportunities for business-wide initiatives, such as:

  • Having a stand at exhibitions/fairs where multiple businesses can come together under one umbrella and thereby reduce costs and increase reach
  • Advertising Helensburgh and the surrounding area and businesses

Enabling you to work together with others through:

  • Providing networking opportunities to help you engage with other businesses
  • Identifying and supporting possible collaboration opportunities
  • Having an opportunity to take part in a FAM (familiarisation) trip.

Communicating relevant updates and support for your business through:

  • Creating a media asset set for you to use to create content for your business
  • Sign-posting relevant information for your business re: local initiatives, local and sector business news, information on relevant grant/regeneration opportunities, upcoming events and event opportunities, information about wider Scottish initiatives

Paid Annual Membership

Membership BandMembership Type (Annual)Membership Fee
Band A: Small Business1. Local trades and services . 2. Rateable Value less than 10K: Accommodation Providers / Restaurants / Retail / Venues. 3. Annual Visitors/Users up to 10K: Activity Providers / Visitor Attraction.£60 + VAT
Band B: Medium Business1. Rateable Value 10-25K: Accommodation Providers / Restaurants / Retail / Venues. 2. Annual Visitors/Users 10-25K: Activity Providers / Visitor Attraction.£120.00 + VAT
Band C: Large Business1. Rateable Value 25-50K: Accommodation Providers / Restaurants / Retail / Venues. 2. Annual Visitors/Users 25-50K: Activity Providers / Visitor Attraction.£180.00 + VAT
Band D: Enterprise1. Rateable Value more than 50K: Accommodation Providers / Restaurants / Retail / Venues. 2. Annual Visitors/Users more than 50K: Activity Providers / Visitor Attraction.£250.00 + VAT

Advertise in the Visitor Information Centre

The Destination Helensburgh Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is at 28 Sinclair Street, Helensburgh, opposite Tesco. It is not funded by Visit Scotland, but is an authorised iKnow Centre. Research commissioned by Visit Scotland confirmed that two thirds of visitors to an iKnow Centre said it had a positive impact on their visit to the area, and increased their spend levels on visitor attractions, accommodation, food and drink and shopping as a result. Over 70% of visitors pick up leaflets which means that it is an excellent opportunity to reach a receptive audience.

VIC Promotion Type, 1 from the following:Fee
1. DL leaflet (e.g. A4 trifold) – printed, per annum, 1 design£60 + VAT
2. A5 leaflet – printed, per annum, 1 design£60 + VAT
3. A6 (postcard) – printed, per annum, 1 design£60 + VAT
4. For those who do not have printed materials, we can host an A6 (postcard) size promotional advert, per annum, 1 design£60 + VAT

Advertise in the ‘Gateway to Argyll’ Visitor Map/Leaflet

The Visitor Map is an excellent opportunity to promote your business to a wider reach of tourists. The printed map will be distributed to a broad range of relevant venues across Scotland, as well as being available locally. 25,000 copies will be produced and distributed. These are free, single use leaflets and therefore highly likely to be collected by tourists. The double-sided A2 map will fold down to A5, and will feature an area map of Helensburgh and Lomond including tourist landmarks. It will also feature detailed maps of Helensburgh, Luss and Arrochar. Advertising businesses will be marked on the maps.

As well as the printed Map, advertising businesses will also be listed on our fully searchable digital map at the webpage and will be featured on our social channels. You can sign up at any point during the year to the online map for a 12 month period.

Advert TypeFee
Single (50x77mm)£195 + VAT
Double (105x77mm)£350.00 + VAT
Triple (160x77mm)£495.00 + VAT
Online Only (Non-Members, 12 months from date of posting)£99.00 + VAT

Become a member now by completing the online form or emailing us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.

Payment is via receipt of invoice and can be paid in a number of ways (Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, PayPal Account). Once you have completed the online form we will contact you to confirm your preferences.

Membership, listings, advertising and the display of materials in the VIC are at the discretion of Destination Helensburgh and are subject to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Click here to complete the online application form for Membership, VIC Leaflets and Advertising.

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