Geilston Garden

Geilston House, Gardens and Estate were gifted to the National Trust for Scotland in 1989 by the previous owner, Miss Elizabeth Hendry.

The Garden dates back over 200 years, and features a walled garden with a huge Wellingtonia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) on the lawn. There is a 40m long herbaceous perennial border, and a contrasting woodland area leading to the Geilston Burn.

There is also a demonstration kitchen garden with vegetable and fruit produce usually for sale during the growing season.

The Garden is open daily 10am-5pm (last entry 16:00) and closes over the winter from 1 November to 1 April.

The garden enjoys the support of the Friends of Geilston (FoG), a membership organisation set up to promote, protect and preserve Geilston Garden, House and Estate in Cardross, as an NTS property, to benefit the local community and visitors from further afield.

Geilston in Bloom - Jacqueline Evans. Image Source: Friends of Geilston
Geilston in Bloom by Jacqueline Evans. Image courtesy of Friends of Geilston
Autumnal Contrasts. Image Source: Friends of Geilston
Bluebells by Ashley Rogers. Image Source: Friends of Geilston
Geilston Garden Warm Glow of Autumn. Image source: Friends of Geilston
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