Helensburgh Charity Shops

Have a great day out shopping for bargains!

Helensburgh is a caring and generous community and as such has a number of well-stocked charity shops offering a cornucopia of bargain finds for the discerning shopper.

A recent (pre-Lockdown) browsing expedition turned up a new cashmere jumper, a pair of linen jeans, a sterling silver picture frame and a Royal Copenhagen plate and not even £25 was spent in acquiring all these goodies!

Oxfam, Debra, Shelter, British Heart Foundation and the Salvation Army all have well stocked shops. On Sinclair Street the Cancer Research Shop has been the top fundraising store in the whole of the UK during the annual StandUp2Cancer campaign. The Wednesday Red Cross book sale has been running for forty years and is as much a social event as a fund raising activity. The Beacon Trust is a local charity whose purpose is relieve poverty in Helensburgh and the surrounding areas.

Second Hand Books. Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/kO0hvltiHTk Jeff Siepman

Everyone loves a bargain and it is even better when the money raised goes to support a worthwhile cause and items are recycled. Our plethora of charity shops shows what a kind and thoughtful community Helensburgh is, not only by donating goods and volunteering time to staff the shops but by contributing to a sustainable ethos that prefers to recycle and reduce landfill and our carbon footprint.

Why not come to Helensburgh, even on a rainy day, for a browse around our excellent charity shops and a spot of lunch at one of our fantastic eateries. We doubt you will leave empty handed!

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