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200 Years of Helensburgh Book Cover. Image source: © Helensburgh Heritage Trust

Helensburgh has a tremendous heritage – famous residents, an interesting history, splendid architecture and a beautiful streets. 

Find out more from the Helensburgh Heritage Trust.

Helensburgh Heritage Trust logo. Image source: © Helensburgh Heritage Trust

Famous Residents

  • John Logie Baird – Helensburgh-born inventor of television – and much more!
  • Henry Bell – introduced Europe’s first commercial steamship, hotelier, tourism pioneer and first provost of the town.
  • Bonar Law – United Kingdom Prime Minister.

Interesting History

  • The MacAulays of Ardencaple Castle.
  • The Colquhouns of Luss – and the naming of the town.
  • Victorian expansion and prosperity – steamships, tourism, and the coming of the railway.
  • Faslane – wartime port and nuclear submarines.

Conservation Areas

  • Upper Helensburgh – much of the Victorian town.
  • The Hill House – Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s masterpiece and its “Box”.
  • The Town Centre – even more of the Victorian town.

Location and Streets

  • On the Highland Boundary Fault – with earthquakes!
  • The Firth of Clyde – commerce and leisure.
  • Tree-lined streets – cherry blossom in the Spring.
Blossom Festival horse drawn carriage. Image source: © Helensburgh Heritage Trust
Baird Monument. Image source: © Helensburgh Heritage Trust
Henry Bell Obelisk West Esplanade. Image source: © Helensburgh Heritage Trust
Stooky Bill. Image source: © Helensburgh Heritage Trust

What the Heritage Trust Does and Has Done

  • Public meetings.
  • Heritage walks in the town.
  • Comprehensive website – with massive photo gallery!
  • Books and and DVD.
  • Erection of a monument.
  • Rescue of items of interest.

The Outdoor Museum

  • Award-winning concept in Colquhoun Square.
  • Items displayed on plinths – with room for more!

Organisation Details: Helensburgh Heritage Trust, Charity (SCIO) – SC024603. (All images on this page courtesy of Helensburgh Heritage Trust).
Contact: Stewart Noble
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