JMW Glen Fruin Cycle Loop

A 15 mile cycling loop through Glen Fruin, with spectacular views across the Firth of Clyde and the Gare Loch.

Start from the John Muir Way marker on the Helensburgh seafront and plan on 2 hours for this challenging route on a mixture of single track and main roads.

Helensburgh is on the northern bank of the River Clyde, c. 25 miles from Glasgow city centre

At the head of the Pier look out for the John Muir Way Marker set into the Promenade

Follow the JMW route markers through the town to Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Hill House

A short ride out of town on the cycle path leads to the turn off into Glen Fruin

Single track roads wind through the Glen past the Battle of Glen Fruin cairn, before joining the A814

The A814 takes you back to the town where you can visit the Scottish Submarine Centre Museum

Finish off your ride with some coffee and cake in one of Helensburgh’s many great cafes

Helensburgh to Glen Fruin Loop

  • Distance: 15 miles / 24.1 km
  • Average time to complete: 2 hours
  • Total Elevation: 220 metres
  • Degree of Difficulty: Challenging

This short but hilly loop route uses a mixture of single track and main roads. Climb up from the waterfront to The Hill House, then follow the cycle path along the A818 for about 1km before turning north into Glen Fruin. Follow single track roads through the Glen past the cairn commemorating the Battle of Glen Fruin, followed by a steep climb and then twisty descent to join the A814 back to Helensburgh. There are great views of Glen Fruin, the Gare Loch and across the Firth of Clyde.

Download the PDF Map and Route Guide for full details.

The John Muir Way team have developed walking and cycling day-trips based around parts of the main JMW route, but also using other local paths to create a micro adventure. These round trips are easily accessible by public transport, and there are 3 other routes based around Helensburgh:

You can also find a range of cycling routes, from day trips to long distance trails, on the Sustrans Map of Cycle Routes on the VisitScotland website at

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